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Lena Headey – acting career

Posted by on Apr 23, 2016

Lena Headey – acting career

The beautiful Lena started her acting career as a teenager – while performing at the Royal Theatre in London with a group of friends, she was spotted by an agent and her calling was determined. Soon enough, in 1992, she got her first role, a supporting character in the movie „Waterland“, with established stars like Jeremy Irons and Ethan Hawke. It did not take long for the rest of the movie world to understand her talent and she saw more success in the early period of her career with titles such as „The Remains of the Day“, which received 8 Academy Award nominations, and „The Summer House“, released the following year, 1993.172554.1

Her first lead was a romantic character Katherine in Disney’s „The Jungle Book“. The film did well and her performance was praised. While filming she met her future boyfriend Jason Flemying, with whom she stayed for the following nine years.Lena-in-The-Jungle-Book-lena-headey-637499_521_400 Even though star roles proved difficult to obtain in the following years, Lena had a series of roles which established her position and ensured steady work. From the TV movie „Loved up“ (1995), to the mini-series „Band of Gold“, where she played an S&M prostitute, greater success came with the 1997 and 1998 movies „Mrs. Dalloway“, in which she starred together with Vanessa Redgrave and „The Man with Rain in His Shoes“, where her partner was Penelope Cruz. Also, Lena was noticed for her supporting role in the adaptation of the novel „Onegin“, starring alongside Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler.

Her first award, the Silver Iris Award in 2001 at the Brussels film festival, came for her role in the movie Aberdeen. This award was maybe a key point in her career, since the 2000s’ brought her much more significant success. 2005 saw Lena star in Terry Gilliam’s „The Brothers Grimm“where her partners were Matt Damon and Heath Ledger, major Hollywood stars. She was challenged for this role, but she liked it, speaking how the fact that she portrayed a tomboy attracted her because it was not a typical female character. She became good friends with Piper Perabo, who is still a close friend, at the set of „The Cave“from 2005. Soon enough, she was cast in blockbusters such as „300“, from which we remember her as Queen Gorgo, and Sarrah Connor in the TV spin-off of the Terminator franchise.aberdeen1x

Maybe the most well-known role she landed was Cersei Lannister in the TV series „Game of Thrones“, to which she was recommended by her friend Peter Dinklage. The show was a massive success and she earned an Emmy nomination in 2014 for her good work. The pilot episode was aired in 2011 and is still being filmed. Of course, Lena did not neglect her movie roles, and starred in 2012 sci-fi movie „Dredd“ and the horror movie „Purge“ of 2013. She played Queen Gorgo again in the „300“ sequel, „300:Rise of an Empire“. In 2014, she starred in „Low Down“and „Zipper“.

In 2016, she will dedicate her time to her role of Cersei Lannister in the „Game of Thrones“.

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