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Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister

Posted by on Apr 23, 2016

Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister

We all know her as the power-hungry Queen Cersei from the Lannister family in the epic fantasy HBO series „Game of Thrones“. Premiered at 2011 and became a massive international hit, „Game of Thrones“gave Lena Headey to present us her talents, portraying the beautiful, but dark queen Cersei.

Her first contact with the producers came when Peter Dinklage, her good friend, recommended her to the producers of the show. Not long after, she was given the role of Cersel Lannister, the twin sister of Jamie Lannister and elder sister to Tyrion Lannister, portrayed by the aforementioned Dinklage. She liked the script immediately, even though she said that she did not expect such success from the show, with all the dragons, magic, wizards and other fantasy stuff.

Her job in the series is to portray a scheming femme fatale, Cersei Lannister, a woman who maintains an incestual sexual relationship with her twin brother Jamie, but also the relationship with the King. She is a strong character, a survivor, as Lena puts it. As a woman who lives in a man’s world, Lena says she has to portray Cersei as strong, brutal, vengeful, but rational and calculated. Cersei can also be feral, Lena says. She has very strong reactions, emotional outbursts when attacked. And she knows how to defend herself and her family. Cersei, even when suffering injustice and harm from her family members, keeps a very strong tie, an unbreakable bond with her brothers and her father, because the House of Lannister keeps strong connection between themselves.lena-headey-game-of-thrones-wallpaper-1

When the producers of the show realized that Lena was pregnant just before they started to film episodes from the first season, they did not see this as an obstacle. They were so enthusiastic about her good performance that they filmed around the pregnancy, using special techniques to avoid the pregnancy to be seen, like filming above the waistline. 244Also, specific camera angles and wardrobe helped hide pregnancy. This is especially visible in the sex scene with her on-screen-brother Jamie, when she is practically fully clothed. Also, the producers of the show made a decision to never show Cersei naked, despite the fact that most of the female actresses participate in scenes were nudity is involved. This is because the scene of the penance walk, which would take place years later, was meant to be as dramatic and as shocking as possible. In the end, a body double was used for this scene with Lena’s head digitally added, but there was no clear explanation as to why this was the case.  One theory says that she was pregnant with her second child at the time (February 2015). Also, maybe it was easier for the producers to use a body double because of Lena’s numerous tattoos, which would have to be removed, whether digitally on the screen or by using a lot of makeup.lena-headey-s-body-double-shares-her-experience-on-that-shame-filled-scene-in-game-of-thr-464848

Cersei Lannister will be remembered as one of the most memorable characters in the show, portrayed perfectly by the stunning Lena Headey.

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