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Lena Headey – early life

Posted by on Apr 23, 2016

Lena Headey – early life

One of the most desirable women in the world, once voted in the Hot 100 on the Maxim Magazine list, Lena Headey is the best known for her on-screen appearances as Queen Gorgo in the „300“ and, even more, as Cersei Lannister in the TV show „Game of Thrones“.

Not many people are aware of the fact that the beautiful Lena was born in the Bermudas, more specifically, the town of Hamilton. Her father, John Headey, was a Yorkshire police cadet, but was sent to Bermuda just shortly before Lena was born. Lena’s mother Sue gave birth to her in Hamilton on October 3rd, 1973. Lena-1994_2859387cShe spent the first 5 years of her life in the sunny Bermudas, when her father’s assignment came to an end and the whole family moved to Somerset in England. Next six years Lena spent growing up in Somerset, Southwestern England. When Lena was 11 years old, the Headeys moved again, all across the country to West Yorkshire, to the town of Shelley, between Leeds and Sheffield. She developed an interest in ballet when she was young, but soon she was told to give up.Lena Headey Quotes-18

Some say, confirmed by Lena herself, was growing up to be quite a rebellious girl. She learned to love animals, just as she does today, contributing to many animal rights groups, which led her to become a vegetarian. Lena had a strong bond to her brother Tim, always feeling protective of her younger brother. Her relationship with her mother was, as she puts it, „tricky“. Having shown signs of clinical depression at the age of 15, which surface even today sometimes, she admits she sometimes has problems with her internal rage that results in outbursts of tears. Yet, she was and is still aware of the meaning of the people who care about her and the importance of these relationships and she recognizes that her acting career has developed specifically because of these bonds, rather than the work, because they kept her centered and happy.Lena-Headey-Net-Worth

Her first intention was to become a hairdresser, but was soon drawn to the life on the stage, developing her love towards movies and the theatre. Her first contact with acting happened in Shelley College. Prior to this, her mother, wanting a bit more out of Lena than an average, middle class life, made her to take speech lessons. Lena also never had acting lessons before that nor any contact with a drama school. Soon, when she was only seventeen years old, she caught the eye of a casting agent. This happened during a performance at the Royal National Theatre in London. It was a show prepared by Lena and her six friends from school. The agent made a couple of photos and invited her to an audition in London.  All of this led to her first on-screen appearance, a supporting role in the movie Waterland, in 1992, alongside stars like Jeremy Irons and Ethan Hawke. This role led to many successful movies and, eventually, a brilliant career in acting.

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