The Jungle Book (1994)
Born of man, raised by animals, destined for adventure.
Lena Headey as: Katherine 'Kitty' Brydon
Other Cast: Jason Scott Lee, Cary Elwes, Sam Neill, John Cleese, Jason Flemyng
Production Status: Released
Release Date: December 23, 1994 (USA)
Directed By: Stephen Sommers
Screenwriters: Rudyard Kipling, Ron Yanover
Genre: Family / Adventure / Romance
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: BBC Films


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One of Disney's most treasured animated classics comes to glorious life - stunningly photographed on magnificent locations in India! Based on Rudyard Kipling's beloved short stories, this all-new adventure promises a journey beyond your wildest imagination! Raised by wild animals since childhood, Mowgli is eventually drawn away from the jungle by Kitty, the beautiful daughter of Major Brydon.

Mowgli soon faces a corrupt Captain Boone, who wants both Kitty's hand in marriage and a hand on the mythical treasures of Monkey City, a place only Mowgli can find. Loyal animal friends Bagheera, Baloo, and Grey Brother must help Mowgli survive the untamed peril.
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Trivia & Facts
× Filming Locations:
• Beaufort, South Carolina, USA
Fall Creek Falls State Park - 2009 Village Camp Road, Pikeville, Tennessee, USA
Fripp Island, South Carolina, USA
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
North Carolina, USA

• Lena Headey starred in the movie Anazapta (2001) together with Jason Flemyng as well. Lena Headey and Jason Flemyng was a couple for many years.

• Lena Headey also guest starred in the series The Hunger (1997) together with Jason Flemyng.

• Lena Headey also starred in the short film Love (0000) together with Jason Flemyng.

• Lena Headey also starred in the movie Merlin (1998) together with Sam Neill.

• Lena Headey also starred in the short film The Sophisticates (2008) together with John Cleese.

• When the doctor talks to several girls at the river, lemurs are visible. Lemurs occur naturally only in Madagascar.

• Actually when lady points out monkeys, she identifies first one as macaque, then the next two as Rhesus monkeys (which are also called Rhesus macaques), and the last two as Langurs. The ones that she points out as Langurs, are actually Lemurs, but they look a little alike.

• When Mowgli sees Kitty after his fight with Kaa in the monkey city, right after he jumps towards her, a part of his costume unbuttons then the camera flashes to Kitty. When it flashes back to Mowgli his costume is buttoned.

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Lena Headey Quotes
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Character Quotes
• Captain William Boone: You can die too you know.
Katherine 'Kitty' Brydon: He wont let me die.
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